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Networking that promotes real relationship and business development in San Diego. If you are looking to expand your network with quality, like-minded people, check us out!

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Our Purpose

There is only one kind of relationship worth cultivating; the kind that lasts. At Corporate Alliance, we help our members create real relationships, the kind that can weather any storm. Every successful business needs a vast network of trusted clients, advisers and friends. At Corporate Alliance, we assist our members in creating their own powerful networks. People who know them, people who admire them and people who trust them. 

Welcome to the Relationship Revolution. 

The City of Influence



What’s the secret to success? Like many talented business owners, Jack Green thinks it’s working long hours and engaging in cut-throat competition. But he learns how wrong he is when time begins running out for his struggling business.

The City of Influence explores the Corporate Alliance relationship rules in a memorable business parable that will leave you ready to roll up your sleeves and change the way you build relationships from the inside out.

Check out the Hub



The Hub is the relationship headquarters for Corporate Alliance members. Every Corporate Alliance market has one of these beautiful facilities within its boundaries. The Hub has been carefully designed to provide members with the ideal setting for building business relationships.

Corporate Alliance members can reserve the Executive Board Room, Innovation Room or Study Room for private functions. On the other hand, you don’t need a reservation to enjoy the Event Center with its wireless internet, flat-screen televisions, snacks, and gathering areas. The Event Center can also be reserved by Executive Pools Members for events with up to 65-100 people.

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